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It’s highly commendable that a show like WandaVision runs so consistently on every successive episode. I think part of the reason is also because nobody expected it to be that good. “Something you’ve never seen before” is what every third showrunner uses to describe his show, but within the Marvel universe, WandaVision has certainly delivered on that aspect.

This week’s episode, “Breaking The Fourth Wall” is based on iconic shows from the mid to late 2000s that popularized this medium of storytelling. The Office springs to mind immediately, and is paid due tribute in the opening credits and the occasional ‘Jim Looks’ at the camera, but most of the episode follows the familiar Modern Family home setting. for its mockumentary style. film and use to trim flashbacks to complement the narration.

As always, Elizabeth Olsen is a delight, especially when she shrugs off her expansion of an alternate reality in the same way that a night of excessive partying would. His world is literally falling apart around him, and his answer is, ‘Must it be a case of Mondays, amirite?’ Being funny in almost every possible genre of comedy is no feat, and WandaVision has been a crucial platform. for Olsen. Bettany and Hahn to show her versatility as comedic actors.

Over the course of the show, we’ve seen the sitcom-based parts of the episodes gradually decrease in screen time. When Wanda enters the spooky dungeon at the end of “Breaking The Fourth Wall,” the aspect ratio changes within the sitcom’s own universe, from full screen to the cinematic widescreen reserved until now for real-life events. . This may indicate that the world of sitcoms within WandaVision has caught up with reality, and this may be the last we get from the television references within the show.

I hope I’m wrong though, because it would be really glorious to see what shows from the 2010s WandaVision could incorporate. Kathryn Hahn in a Moira Rose-style role would be a sight to behold.

It must be said that the WandaVision music department has been crushing it week after week, and this episode is no exception. The opening credits feature a distinctly “Office” inspired theme song, and the montage references the introductory sequences of both The Office and the short-lived sitcom Happy Endings.

(Interestingly, Happy Endings was produced by veteran Avengers directors Joe and Anthony Russo.)

Although the opening theme was a good start, the musical highlight of “Breaking The Fourth Wall” would definitely be Agnes’s personal theme. Based on the theme song from The Munsters, “Agatha All Along” fits in perfectly with everything we’ve seen about the character so far, and if anyone on the show deserves her own title song, it’s Kathryn Hahn.

That brings us to this episode’s big reveal — turns out it was Agatha the entire time! “Breaking The Fourth Wall” confirmed what many had theorized from the beginning, that Agnes’ true identity is actually that of “magical girl” and the witch Agatha Harkness. As it ran in last week’s review, her encounter with Vision in ‘All-New Halloween Spooktacular!’ Was quite an act, designed to manipulate the setting in the same way that Agnes was behind the magic show in episode 2. , Herb’s soulless wall cutout in the episode. 3, and even Pietro’s apparent return from the afterlife in episode 5.

Here’s the thing, though: validated as I am that my suspicions regarding Agnes have been proven correct, I’m still inclined to leave room for an even larger force that might be controlling Westview. WandaVision has had its audience eagerly awaiting the twists by now, and something about the cocky assurance of ‘Agatha All Along’ recalls Monica Rambeau confidently saying ‘It’s All Wanda’ in Episode 4. I’ve had my eye on you. , WandaVision.

The other big event in “Breaking The Fourth Wall” is that Monica gets her powers. In the comics, Monica Rambeau is briefly Captain Marvel, before assuming the title of Photon and then Spectrum. When she goes through the barrier for the third time, we see that she can see the spectrum of light in Westview, which is consistent with her superhero name from her in the comics. The aerospace engineer mentioned in the previous episode is nowhere to be seen this week (I was hoping it was Reed “Mr. Fantastic” Richards), unless he was referring to his mother’s friend Major Goodner from the Air Force, which it would be quite disappointing.

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Paul Bettany continues to be great on “Breaking The Fourth Wall,” particularly the scenes where he tries to make sense of his storied past while constantly and inexplicably being blocked from coming home (a la The Truman Show). Vision and Darcy make a well-matched duo, each playing straight man whenever necessary. Meanwhile, Director Hayward is still a First Water Toad, and it is revealed that he is attempting the same thing that he had accused Wanda of previously: using Vision’s body as a sentient weapon. This is also in keeping with what Hayward mentioned in the first episode about S.W.O.R.D focusing on “robotics, AI and sentient weapons” in the five years since the Blip.

According to showrunner Matt Shakman, the entirety of WandaVision will be 6 hours long. If that is to be believed, the last two episodes will have an oversized runtime, topping their usual half-hour interval. Ending seasons on top is extremely important for television shows in general, but even more so in the case of WandaVision, which has ended almost every episode on a suspense.

While more reveals would certainly raise the stakes, I also hope that in the last two episodes, the show will focus on giving satisfying explanations about the bombs it has already dropped on us. It pains me to think of the inevitably tantalizing note that season 1 is destined to end on, because it would mean we’ll have to wait more than a week for answers. But considering this is the MCU, I also know that they will feed me enough crumbs to keep me coming back for more.
Since its inception, “WandaVision” has prevented viewers from seeing all the answers about what is happening on the show. But in the last episode, the walls came down and the responses waiting there were a bit disappointing.

The seventh episode, titled “Breaking the Fourth Wall,” focused on Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) staying home for the day with her children. She seemed to be dealing with some kind of pain, so she wanted a day alone. As she spends the day alone, her children spend the day with neighbor Agnes (Kathryn Hahn), she realizes that everything in her house begins to short-circuit. Her sofas and chairs fail to look like they were from previous episodes. Sometimes the wall looks like it’s from the 50s or 60s. Everything around it breaks.
This episode was good in the sense that it gave us answers. We learned more about the show’s main villain and how that villain has been manifesting everything that is going on. But the results were a bit disappointing. There are still two episodes left in the season, so we’re sure to get more responses that will likely improve what we know now. But for the moment, we are left with relatively disappointing responses.

With that said, there were some great moments in the episode that definitely added hype to the season. So let’s take a look at what we saw and talk about where we could go from here.

I don’t want to spoil too much here, but Episode 7 did a great job of expanding the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We saw hints of future heroes and villains in previous episodes, but those hints eventually materialized in this one. I don’t want to spoil those revelations too much, but it’s nice to see new blood injected into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Not only that, but the revelations made perfect sense. They weren’t just random characters drawn from the comics. In fact, at least one of the new heroes featured in this episode has long been set up in the MCU, so it’s good to see the payoff.

The future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is cosmic, full of multiverses and really strange
“WandaVision” is the first project of the fourth phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which we have heard will deal with multiverses and alternative realities. Things are going to get weird. And this show has done a wonderful job of setting up new characters that can only expand the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the future. Marvel has geared up for new Disney + series, movies, and cameos that will have fans cheering for the foreseeable future. As characters like Tony Stark leave the franchise, new ones arrive just when fans need them most. The future looks bright for the MCU.

The episode left me disappointed
All that said, there were some disappointments with the seventh episode, specifically related to the responses we received. Monica’s highly publicized “aerospace engineer” friend was not disclosed, the friend was not even mentioned, which makes me think there was all that hype for nothing. Maybe we’ll get an answer in the next few episodes. On the other hand, maybe we were overthinking the whole saga.
And the biggest reveal of the episode, again, I don’t want to spoil it, it left me feeling a little… meh? Maybe we’ll get even better answers on that to reveal in upcoming episodes. But it seemed like an obvious twist that, on the surface, made sense. But at the same time, it made too much sense. I know it sounds ridiculous. But you will understand if you watch the episode. It all made sense. It fits neat and clean. It works. But it’s not what you would expect from a Marvel project. Usually there is something else: a twist within another.

Maybe this is just the beginning. Maybe we’re learning about what’s happening now to set up the bigger reveal later.

We have two episodes left. To think that this is the final twist would be foolish. But if so, I can’t help but feel like Marvel might have missed opportunities for a better reveal.